Ducati Diavel: Keanu Reeves kører muskel Ducati
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Speed på Diavel

Speed helten Keanu Reeves kører muskel Ducati
Tommy Rønn
12/12-2011 kl. 13:45

Journalisterne fik afbrudt Keanu Reeves midt i optagelserne til den nyeste film han deltager i, for at lave lidt motorcykel shots på Chobham testbanen. Trods stjernens store passion for gamle Norton´s, blev det en Ducati Diavel der måtte ligge ryg til Keanu.

Keanu udtaler: 

“I love this bike. I mean, you walk up to it and it has such striking lines. It reminds me of old American muscle cars, with that huge rear tyre and the big gas tank. It's not aggressive, but it is big and bold and powerful. What I really liked was the versatility. In the country you can have real fun cruising windy roads, but in town it is smooth and comfortable. And then on the track, it's just a beast.”


“To be honest, I'm not used to bikes this quick. The Diavel goes from 0-60mph in under three seconds, man! Plus with all the technology on board, the ABS and all that, I mean, I didn't push it on the track, but it gives you lots of confidence. It's fun. You could ride this bike every day, you could take it on the track, but for me it would be perfect on smooth, twisty roads. Maybe in LA, or the south of France. That would be beautiful.”


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